Avatar 2 Release Date| James Cameron Returned at New Zealand.


Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau confirmed that he and director James Cameron have touched down in New Zealand to resume filming the sequel. Production on the long-awaited follow up to the 2009 box office champion was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. But just last week, Landau confirmed that production on Avatar 2 would be able to resume. New Zealand has been one of the most successful countries in fighting the pandemic. Recently confirming that they had effectively conquered the virus. With no new cases in a number of days. This led to the country reopening for business, and one of their main industries, filming, is included.


On the bright side, New Zealand seems to have been very effective in controlling the virus. And their goal is not mitigation, but eradication. Which they believe that they can do with aggressive contact tracing and testing,” Cameron said. There’s a very good chance that our shoot might be delayed a couple of months, but we can still ‘release it on schedule’. So that’s good news. We’ve got everybody at Weta Digital and Lightstorm, working from home to the extent that that is possible. But my work is on the stage doing the virtual cameras and so on. So I can do a bit of editing, but it’s not great for me.


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Gets Back to Work-

James Cameron Goes Into 14-Day New Zealand Quarantine Before ‘Avatar 2’ Restarts Filming
James Cameron’s Billion-Dollar ‘Avatar’ Sequels Can Resume as New Zealand Gets Back to Work
Fortunately for Cameron, the New Zealand Film Commission announced just a few days ago that productions in the country would be allowed to start filming again this month given the reduced spread of the pandemic in New Zealand. It seems likely Cameron will be back at work on the “Avatar” sequels sooner than other major Hollywood tentpoles, which is why he’s feeling confident that the “Avatar 2” release date can still be met.

Cameron said last December that motion capture on “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3” had been completed in its entirety and that all that was left to film on the first follow-up was live-action pick-ups. The director added at the time. I’ve got a couple months in New Zealand in the spring. So we’re kind of on track with what we set out to do. Even with the production shutdown, Cameron is hustling to ensure “Avatar 2” gets released on time. James Cameron Goes Into 14-Day New Zealand Quarantine Before ‘Avatar 2’ Restarts Filming

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