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Argentina Vs Italy : Maradona Super Cup | Euro Champ Vs Copa Champ

Within 24 hours, the best football teams of the two continents have snatched their titles by beating their opponents. Argentina has won the Copa America by defeating Brazil on Brazilian soil On the other hand, Italy has become the champion by defeating England in the Euro final held in England This time it will be a football battle between Latin America and European champions According to Barca Blaugranes, CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American football, has already made the request to its European governing body, UEFA. So todays topic is about Argentina Vs Italy match.

What UEFA said about Argentina Vs Italy match?

So the Super Cup has been proposed where the best South American Argentina will face the best Italy in Europe. However, UEFA has not yet commented on the matter This type of football tournament is certainly not the first such initiative. So it is very sure that their are huge possibilities to see Argentina Vs Italy match in future as Super Cup title.

Earlier in 2016, the two champions of the two federations faced each other in such a tournament. Germany beat Chile 1-0 in the Confederations Cup final However, the talks are still at an early stage. If the proposal is accepted, Argentina could face Italy before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Earlier, in 1975 and 1993, there was a separate football battle between the best of the two continents The first match was between France and Uruguay, while the second match was between Argentina and Denmark. For the first time, France became the champion and for the second time, Argentina became the best

Where could be held Maradona Super Cup?

Meanwhile, some foreign news agencies have reported that the special match will be held in memory of the late football star Diego Maradona. The news was fueled by a sports journalist’s tweet. In fact, Maradona himself was an Argentine, and in a club football jersey, he represented Italy’s Napoli on the world stage with his talent. So Maradona’s connection with the two champions this time is very strong Even in this case, the venue of the special match could be Napoli in Italy.

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Copa America 2021 Best XI | Argentina 4, Brazil 3 | Have a look.

Lionel Messi is waiting for the country to win the international title. With the Copa America 2021 win, the Argentine star also became the best player of the tournament. It was certain that he would be in the Copa America ‘Team of the Tournament. However, Angel Di Maria, who won Argentina by scoring in the final, did not get a place in the best XI of this year’s Copa America.

The top four players from Argentina got a place in the best team. Three players have been picked from Brazil, who lost 1-0 to Argentina in the final. One player each from Peru, Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia. The technical team of Conmebol, the governing body of South American football, has selected this best team in a 4-3-3 formation.

No one has been able to replace Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez in the goalposts. He has conceded only 2 goals in 6 matches. Did not digest any goal in 4 matches. Aston Villar A goalkeeper blocked 85.6 percent of shots. Argentina reached the final with his heroism in the semi-final tiebreaker.

Copa America 2021 Defenders of Best XI

Chile’s Mauricio Isla has found a place in the right-back position in the defense. He gave 27 passes in the opponent’s half. He made 15.2 passes in the attacking third, the second-highest among defenders. Brazil and Argentina have been chosen as the two center-backs in the middle Cristian Romero of Argentina and Marquinhos of Brazil. Argentina did not concede a goal while Romero was on the field. He has recovered the ball 4.8 times in every match. Among the defenders, Marquinhos has given the highest number of 344 passes. He has recovered the ball in the air an average of 2.6 times per match. Ecuador left-back Parvis Estupinan made 9.6 crosses per match at the left end, creating 2.4 chances.

Selected Players of Conmebol XI -Midfielders

Brazil’s defensive midfielder Casimiro is in the middle of the midfield. He has recovered the ball 36 times in the air. This time the anger is the highest. He has recovered the ball 8.3 times in every match. To his right is an Argentine midfielder, Rodrigo de Paul. He has recovered the ball a maximum of 32 times in the Argentine team. Made 6 chances (goals). He was also the source of Maria’s goal in the final. Peruvian midfielder Yoshimi Yotun is on the left. Yotun, who prefers to play as a left-winger, has recovered the ball 63 times, the highest in the Copa this time. Gave 420 passes, this time in Copa which is the highest.

Who else in the forward except Messi and Neymar ?

Neymar is among the attackers. The Brazilian forward has created 3.5 goal opportunities in each match. He gave 21.6 passes in the attacking third. Argentina captain Messi to his right. Besides scoring 4 goals, he has scored 5 goals with his teammates. He managed to put 11 of them in the goal post with 28 shots. Colombia forward Luis Diaz also scored 4 goals. He created 5 chances and took 10 shots at the goal post. Diaz, who scored a spectacular bicycle kick against Brazil, will play at Neymar’s left edge.

The best team in the Copa America 2021:

Goalkeeper : Emiliano Martinez (Argentina)

Defenders : Parvis Estupinan (Ecuador), Marquinhos (Brazil), Cristian Romero (Argentina), Mauricio Isla (Chile).

Midfielders : Yoshimir Yotun (Chile), Casimiro (Brazil), and Rodrigo de Paul (Argentina).

Forwards : Luis Diaz (Colombia), Neymar (Brazil), and Lionel Messi (Argentina).

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Argentina Vs Ecuador a fight to reach one step ahead to the title | Copa America 2021.

Argentina is going to face Ecuador to reach the semi-finals of Copa America. They will face at Estadio Olympico Pedro Ludovico tonight at 9 p.m. Argentina Vs Ecuador match is the fight of Messi’s dream.

Argentina won the title in 1993 for the last time. For 28 years, Lionel Messi’s team has not won any title. Argentina reached the final of the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil. Messi-Aguero’s dream was shattered when they lost to Germany. After losing in the Copa final against Chile in 2016, the 14-time Copa America champions had to return very close to the title.

Argentina, who were knocked out of the semi-finals after losing to Brazil in the last edition of the Copa, have a chance to reach the final this time. But before that, Messi will have to lose to Ecuador and keep his feet in the semis. Argentina has faced Ecuador 36 times so far. Lionel Scolani’s side has won 21 of these matches, losing only five. The remaining 10 matches have been drawn.

Confident Blue-White Brigade-

Argentina was stuck against Chile in the first match of the group stage. Then the blue-and-white brigade reached the knockout stage after winning three matches in a row. With a total of 3 goals in the group stage, Messi’s rhythm has given extra comfort to the Argentine coach. Gomez, Martinez, and Di Maria are also giving confidence to the team. However, Scaloni is doing enough time to the opponent. According to him, ‘All the teams are equally dangerous in this episode. The Ecuadorian team is dynamic, with them believing in a little physical football. As a result, we have to pick up the goal as soon as possible. Messi is desperate to end the country’s trophy drought.

Ecuador desperate for disaster

On the other hand, despite losing to Colombia in the first match, Ecuador reached the knockout stage by drawing with Venezuela, Peru and Brazil. The draw against Brazil in the last match gave Gustafo Alfaro’s team extra confidence. Relying on the experience of Valencia, Fran্রois, and Mina, the Ecuadorian coach is plotting to stop Argentina. However, Ecuador is more likely to be on the field with a strategy of counter-attack at the speed of defense rather than attack at first. All in all, Argentina is a strong team, but Ecuador is ready to fight.

Match Prediction- Argentina Vs Ecuador.

Argentina reached the last eight with three wins in a row in the competition. Ecuador, on the other hand, has not won a single match despite drawing three. Messi is in a great rhythm. Argentina is also far ahead in terms of team strength. All in all, football experts consider Argentina as the favorite against Ecuador. Anyway, this is football, anything is possible in 90 minutes . Who knows any miracle might be happening or not. Football fans are eager to see the Argentina Vs Ecuador match.

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Who Plays Who in The Copa America 2021 Quarter-Final? | Schedule | Venue.

The final schedule for the quarter-finals is set at the end of Group A in Copa America 2021. Argentina beat Bolivia 4-1 at the Cuiabar Arena Pantanal. In the other match, Luis Suarez’s Uruguay won 1-0 against Paraguay.

Argentina beat Bolivia by three points in four matches and 10 points in one draw. On the other hand, like Argentina, Brazil is the best in Group B with 10 points in three wins and one draw. Ecuador, meanwhile, finished fourth in Group B with three points from three draws. Chile finished fourth in Group A with five points from one win and two draws.

This time Colombia is third in Group B with 1 win and 4 points in 1 draw. Paraguay is third in Group A with 6 points from 2 wins. Peru is runners-up in Group B with 6 points from 2 wins and 1 draw. Uruguay, on the other hand, is runners-up in Group A with an equal number of points.

Which Teams face each Other?

As such, Brazil will play Chile next Saturday (July 2) at the Nilton Santos Stadium. The next day (Sunday) Argentina will play against Ecuador in the fourth quarter-final.

Peru will face Paraguay in the quarterfinals and Uruguay will play Colombia. The Group B match between Peru vs Paraguay will take place next Friday (July 2) at 5 p.m at the Olympic Stadium in Guyana.

The next day, in the third quarter-final at the Garrincha Stadium, Uruguay, the 15-time champions of the competition against Colombia. This is for sure that Copa America 2021 Quarterfinal is going to get a super fight in the knockout phases.

Copa America 2021 Schedule

Group A qualified Teams: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile

Group B qualified Teams: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador

Peru vs. Paraguay

Time: July 2,Friday, 5 p.m

Field: Estadio Olympico Pedro Ludovico, Goiania

Brazil vs. Chile

Time: July 2, Friday, 8 p.m.

Field: Estadio Olympico Nilaton Santos, Rio de Janeiro

Uruguay vs. Colombia

Time: July 3, Saturday, 6 p.m

Field: Estadio Nacional means Garincha, Brasilia

Argentina vs Ecuador

Time: July 3, Saturday, 9 p.m.

Field: Estadio Olympico Pedro Ludovico, Goiania

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Argentina Vs Bolivia Match Prediction | Where to watch | time.

Argentina Vs Bolivia: Argentina has already secured a place in the last eight of the Copa America, courtesy of two wins and a draw in three of the group’s three matches. The blue-and-white brigade will take to the field in the last match of the group league at 5.30 am Indian time on Tuesday. Bolivia is the last team in Group A to be knocked out of the competition. As a result, this match is practically a rule match for Argentina. Although the two-time world champions are desperate to score a hat-trick of victories.

Will Messi Play against Bolivia ?

There is speculation as to whether Messi will be in Argentina’s starting XI against Bolivia. Because coach Scaloni has an idea to give Messi a rest. Although it is not yet mature. Because even if the match is a draw against weak Bolivia, if this match is drawn, then Argentina’s points will be 6 out of 4 matches. On the other hand, if something bad happens, you have to stay. But in the other Group B match, if Paraguay beat Uruguay, they have a chance to become group champions. Because now Paraguay has 6 points in 3 matches. As a result, going from group to champion is going on. However, the Argentine coach has made it clear that his team will be aiming for victory against Bolivia. All in all, whether Messi plays or not, Di Maria and Sergio Aguero are desperate to win this match.

Bolivia preparation against Argentina

Bolivia, on the other hand, has a last-ditch honor match, although there is nothing left to do from the competition. So Cesar Ferias’s team is desperate to make an impression on themselves by playing good football against Argentina in the last match. However, the Bolivian coach will attack as soon as he manages the defense. However, Cesar Ferias is relying mainly on Bamelo and Valeroel for the goal in the counterattack. All in all, Bolivia is ready to fight strong Argentina in the last match.

Match Prediction (Argentina Vs Bolivia)

Messi’s team has won two and drawn one in the competition. On the other hand, Bolivia has had to face defeat in all the matches. The result is that the blue-and-white brigade is far ahead of Bolivia in both recent form and the team’s overall strength. That is why football experts are calling Leo Messi’s Argentina hot favorite in the match on Tuesday morning.(Get More Update about Argentina Vs Bolivia)

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How to Watch Paraguay Vs Argentina Live Match? | Copa America 2021.

Argentina and Paraguay will face in the third group stage match of Copa America 2021 on Monday at the National Stadium in Brasilia. Albiceleste are top of Group A with four points, while Paraguay are three points behind in third place, but have played less than their next opponents.

Argentina and Paraguay: Match Statistics

Argentina have failed to score more than once in both matches so far in this year’s Copa America, although they still manage four points in two games.

Lionel Messi is his country’s record scorer with 3 strikes in 146 caps, including one in this tournament. He needs another look to level up with Javier Zanetti as Argentina’s shortest player of all time.

Paraguay ended their four-match winless strike and a two-match goalless streak with a 3-1 win over Bolivia in their first Copa America match.

Argentina have won the tournament 14 times, but have not won the trophy since 1993. They have lost four times since then. Paraguay has won it twice but not since 1979.

Angel Romero is the leading run-scorer in the current Paraguay squad with eight goals in 226 caps.

Argentina still have 15 corners in the tournament and Paraguay had seven wins against Bolivia.

Paraguay Vs Argentina Head to Head

The teams last met in a World Cup qualifier in November and shared the spoils with a 1-1 draw. Both scored in the first 45 minutes of the game.

The previous one was in Copa America 2019 and we were still 1-1. Darlis Gonzalez misses a penalty that could have seen Paraguay snatch an impossible win.

Still, Argentina handed Paraguay their biggest defeat in the 2015 Copa America. The full-time scoreline was 6-1.

Argentina Vs Paraguay predictions

Argentina were able to take 4 points from two tough opponents in the group and they have a good chance to go one step further with a win against Paraguay on Monday.

The prospect of change for Lionel Scanoli’s side has been a source of concern, with the team relying heavily on defenders and Messi for goals.

If the Argentine strikers can look for some form, we saw a big win on Monday, although I see Paraguay as a team that can surprise the big teams on the continent.

Argentina vs Paraguay match details:

When: Monday 21st June / Tuesday 22nd June

Time: 05:30 (IST) / 21:00 (local)

Where: Estadio Nacional de Brasilia

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Argentina Vs Paraguay Match Preview and all Info | Copa America 2021

Argentina and Paraguay going to face today, June 21, at Estadio Man Garincha for the 3rd match of the Copa America 2021 here in the United States. In this article you’ll get to know all information about Argentina Vs Paraguay.

Argentina and Paraguay have met today for match 3 of the Copa America 2021 at the Estadio Man Garincha in Brazil. Both teams come into this match with a win from their last game. Here’s what you need to know about this game: Previews, data, forecasts, feedback, and how to monitor it in the US.

Argentina got a tough win against Uruguay this Friday, thanks to a lone goal from Guido Rodriguez and a great performance from Lionel Messi. However, La Albiceleste will have to start scoring more goals so as not to suffer in the final moments of the match.

Paraguay, on the other hand, started the tournament with a clear 2-1 victory over Bolivia. The Paraguayans are going to be upset in this match. If they scratch a point against La Albiceleste, things could be tough in Group A.

Argentina vs Paraguay Venue and Date

Date: Monday, June 21, 2021.
Time: 8:00 pm (ET)
Location: Estadio Mana Garincha, Brasilia, Brazil.

Time Schedule in different states

ET: 8:00 p.m.
City: Evening: 00:00
MT: 6:00 p.m.
PT: 5:00 p.m.

Based on past history, Argentina has a great record against Paraguay. They have played each other 108 times and Argentina won 58 of them Although Paraguay has only 16 wins against Argentina. If they want to add something else, they have to do their best in this match.

However, their last meeting was held at the Conmebol World Cup qualifiers last year. The match ended in a 1-1 draw. Forward Angel Romero scored from the first penalty and then Argentina’s Nico Gonzalez equalized.

Of course, this result shows that Paraguay can put Argentina in trouble even if they don’t like it. However, La Albiceleste has better teams on paper and they have a chance to show their hierarchy.

How to watch or live stream Paraguay vs Argentina in USA?

Today, Monday, June 21, the game between Argentina Vs Paraguay will be broadcast in the United States by Fox Sports 1, FoxSports.com, Fox Sports App.

Argentina vs Paraguay: Adversity and Forecast

The oddmakers have already made their predictions for this game. According to Fanduel, Argentina is the clear choice with the odds of -222, while Paraguay has +550. In case of tie, the result will be +300.

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Argentina Vs Uruguay Match Preview | Copa America 2021

Facing the fight against Argentina, Uruguay will begin their Copa America 2021 campaign this weekend. The game will be played at the Estadio Nacional de Brasilia and will start at 5:30 on Saturday, June 19th.In this article you will get to know how to watch Argentina Vs Uruguay Match live on TV. We will present a head to head prediction about Argentina Vs Uruguay.

Analysis and Predictions

Argentina started their Copa America with a disappointing 1-1 draw against Chile. A great free-kick from captain Lionel Messi led them before Eduardo Vargas shared the loot. It could have been more for Chile but Emiliano Martinez saved a crucial Arturo Vidal penalty, confirming that La Alblicest got points from their opener. Argentina will face a serious challenge for the title in what could be Messi’s final Copa America chance and are expected to be desperate to record a win to increase their chances of being selected in any of the top few places. Argentina have not won a title since 1993, losing four of their last six Copa America finals.

Meanwhile, Uruguay came into the game behind a goalless draw in the World Cup qualifiers. Luis Suarez and Co were unable to punish Paraguay and Venezuela which should sound the alarm bells for Oscar Tabarez’s team. La Celeste, their focus will be on the Copa America, as they seek to lift the continental trophy for the 16th time,as they they don’t get since 2011. However, Argentina will be the favorites and they are hopeful of gaining three points on Friday night.

Head to Head record of Argentina Vs Uruguay

Argentina and Uruguay are one of the oldest opponent in the history of the sport. Argentina and Uruguay have played in 199 official matches and Argentina have won 89 matches. Uruguay was able to registered only 59 wins of them,with 48 have ended in a stalemate. The two teams last met in a friendly in 2019, 2-2 draw where Messi and Aguero scored for Argentina,while and suarez scored for Uruguay.

Argentina vs Uruguay Predicted XI

Argentina : E Martinez; Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Aguero, L Martinez
Uruguay : Muslera; Gonzalez, Gimenez, Godin, Caceres; Torres, Torreira, Valverde, Rodriguez; Suarez, Cavani

Time and Venue :

Date: 19 June 2021
Group B: Argentina vs Uruguay
Location: Estadio Mané Garrincha in Brasilia
Kick-off: 5:30 am (IST)
Argentina vs Uruguay

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Colombia Vs Venezuela Match Prediction,Preview | Schedule | Copa America 2021

Colombia will play their second match against Venezuela of the Copa America 2021.
Both teams advancing to the Estadio Olympico Pedro Ludovico, there is a possibility that Los Cafertosa will be at the top of the table in the zone of Jonah.

Ronaldo Rueda’s team defeat Ecuador 1-0 in their first game because Edwin Cardona’s goal was enough to secure all three points.

Colombia will follow Brazil on goal difference alone, but are hopeful of losing to Venezuela on Friday to take the group leaders on friday.

Venezuela lost 3-0 to Brazil in the opening game and are currently bottom of the group in Jonah Norte.
Joseph Peseri’s team are in terrible form and will have to play against a strong Colombian team on Thursday. It will be an important game if La Vinotinto wants to qualifie for the next round of the tournament.

Colombia Vs Venezuela H to H match

In most recent matches Colombia dominated H to H record between Colombia Vs Venezuela matches. Recently they meets each other for five times and Colombia takes victory in three matches.

Last year in a World Cup qualifier Los Cafeteros defeat La Vinotinto by 3-0 in their last game.

Colombia most probable form : L-L-W-D-W

Venezuela most probable form : L-W-L-D-L


Yero Moreno was injured in the game against Ecuador and will absent on the match of Thursday.

Juan Otero will be absent due to get infected by COVID-19 earlier this month.

Injured : Yairo Moreno, Juan Otero

Doubtful : None

Suspended : None


The Venezuelan squad has been destroyed by the Covid-19 virus.Most of the good players affected by COVID-19 virus. Jon Chancellor, Zhonder Cadiz, Joseph Martinez, Michael Villanueva, Rafael Romo, Roberto Rosales and Romolo Otaro have all tested positive.

Yeferson Soteldo is still out of the squad after a thigh injury late last month.

Injured: Yeferson Soteldo, Jhon Chancellor, Jhonder Cadiz, Josef Martinez, Mikel Villanueva, Rafael Romo, Roberto Rosales, Romulo Otero

Doubtful: None

Suspended: None

Venezuela Vs Colombia Squad

Colombia most probable squad : David Ospina; William Tesillo, Davinson Sanchez, Yerry Mina, Daniel Munoz; Edwin Cardona, Mateus Uribe, Wilmar Barrios, Juan Cuadrado; Rafael Borre; Duvan Zapata

Venezuela most probable squad : Joel Graterol; Yohan Cumana, Luis Del Pino, Francisco La Mantia, Luis Martinez, Alexander Gonzalez; Christian Casseres Jr., Bernaldo Manzano, Junior Moreno, Jose Andres Martinez; Fernando Aristeguieta

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Brazil Vs Peru Match Updates | Copa America 2021 | Team Formation.

Brazil, one of the favorites to come to the 2021 Copa America, they decided to host after a big covid spread on this continent. Their opponents, on the other hand, are going through a critical period and have registered their first victory since 2019, losing to Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers last week. Brazil Vs Peru match will be really a serious issue for both teams.

The hosts will played fantastic and have won the last eight matches. They beat Venezuela by 3-0 at the first group A match with the goal of Marquinhos, Neymar and Barbosa. The champions dominated the game and are probably at the top of their group and could advance to the next round.

Right now conditions of Peru Team

Peru will play their first group stage match with Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. La Blanguirroja Reaching the final of the Copa America 2019, they lost to Brazil who won the title for the ninth time in history. Since the final they (Brazil Vs Peru ) have met two time and both of them able to get a victory.

The Peruvian underdogs will have a tough time at the Olympic Stadium facing a dangerous attack by Neymar Jr. In order to scrap anything out of the tie, their older squad will be tested within the limits of tournament favorites.

Peru’s Probable Lineup : Gallese; Trauco, Abram, Ramos, Corzo; Tapio, Yotun, Carrillo, Cuevo, Aquino, Ormeno

Team Formation Of Brazil Vs Peru

Brazil manager Tate will definitely have a perfectly fit squad and will be aiming to continue their victory mission by winning against Peru. They will form a 4-3-3 pick as they move the line forward with Jesus, Richardson and Neymar. Neymar was injured at the last Copa America and missed out on lifting the trophy with the team-mates, but this time the key will be their effectiveness.

Getting the right team and strategy against the Brazilian heavyweight will be a difficult task for Ricardo Garecara. They will miss Jefferson Farfan, the star of the tournament who was knocked out of the tournament due to a knee injury.

  • Defensive midfield pivot in-form Renato Tapia and Yoshimara Yotun have to be the best if they are to suppress the Brazilian attack, including the best star.
  • The latest-placed man, along with his veteran Andrea Carrillo, will be at the center of their offensive move in the desired 4-2-3-1 formation at Santiago Ormeno.

Brazil’s Probable Lineup : Alisson; Danilo, Militao, Marquinhos, Lodi; Paqueta, Casemiro, Fred; Jesus, Richarlison, Neymar

All these review is based on the past history and present performance of both teams. Who knows who’ll be the winner of Brazil vs Peru match!

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