COVID-19 Update News of USA, How Many People Infected and Deaths in USA.

The United State has had the highest number of deaths and infected since the origin of the Corona Virus. The COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China. First COVID-19 Patient detected in November 2019.

The COVID-19 has spread to 210 country, since its detection, till now infected more then 2,819,000 and 196,613 deaths. Many people have died of COVID-19. United State has surpassed at other countries in the number of COVID -19 cases.

People wait for test Corona Virus

USA Total Infected and Deaths From Corona Virus

USA total COVID-19 case till now infected 923,613 and deaths 52,092. Total recovered patient 93,404. Weekly surveillance summary of USA COVID-19 activity.

The report summarizes and interprets key indicators including information related to COVID-19 outpatient visits, emergency department visits, hospitalizations and deaths, as well as laboratory data. Day by day increase the cases. Need to follow all health tips and maintain social distance also.