Fred Carly from the United States, Andre de Grass from Canada, Akani Symbine from South Africa … all eyes were on them! China’s Bingtian Su ran the semifinals with a time of 9.63 seconds. How many more bets did he make on Marcell Jacobs of Italy?

But in the 100 meters of the Tokyo Olympics, Jacobs surprised everyone today. The 26-year-old Italian won the gold by finishing the race in 9.60 seconds. Fred Carly finished silver in 9.84 seconds, while Andre de Grass-finished bronze in 9.89 seconds.

100 meters in the Olympics means it is Usain Bolt’s event! The Jamaican legendary sprinter has won gold in the previous three Olympics, Beijing 2006, London 2012, and Rio 2016. The Olympic record (9.83, at the London Olympics) and the world record (9.58, in Berlin in 2009) were recognized by King Bolt in the 6,100 meters.

Marcell Jacobs destroy all the Calculations!

Who will sit on the throne of Bolt, who retired in 2016, is as much speculation as there was around the 100 meters of the Tokyo Olympics. Johan Blake, who had a great rivalry with Bolt at the 2012 Olympics, was knocked out in the semifinals. Andre de Grass, who ran with Bolt at the Rio Olympics, was the most talked about in the final. The United States and African countries are the most talked about countries in the sprint, which is why the names of the athletes from these countries were also in the discussion.

But Marcell Jacobs changed all calculations! On the way to winning gold, he broke the European record in 100 meters twice. He set a new European record for the first time by running in 9.84 seconds in the semi-final, surpassing himself in the final!

At the beginning of the race, however, the Tokyo Olympics saw a push. Jarnell Hughes of Great Britain was knocked out before the flute market (Falls Start). Is that what made gold and silver win Jacob’s and Carly’s advantage? Hughes was in Lane 4, he was dropped, so Jacobs in Lane 3 and Carly in Lane 5 had a chance to run!

Of course, it must be used! Of the three medalists, Jacobs had the most reaction time. Where Carly started the race in 0.128 seconds, De Grass started in 0.155 seconds, Jacobs started in 0.181 seconds. Carly was ahead for about 40 meters, but after crossing 30 meters, Jacobs dropped his long legs (stride) and increased his speed, crossing Carly in about 60 meters.

Who are the Silver and Bronze Medalists in the 2021 Olympic 100 meter Sprint?

Three medalists – gold medalist Marcell Jacobs (center), silver medalist Carly (left), and bronze medalist De Grass

In the end, both of them were in a gold-silver battle. De Grass, who was running a little slower at the beginning, was skeptical about whether he would get bronze in the middle of the race. But in the end, De Grass won the bronze with a great run. Interestingly, all three have had the best timing of their careers today. But in the end, Jacobs shocked everyone!

He was born to an Italian mother in El Paso, Texas, USA. But he moved to Italy at an early age, so Italy will claim full credit for his achievement. Of course, Italy will want to give a share of such achievement – or why! Stay away from gold in the 100 meters with both boys and girls in the Olympics, Italy had won the medal only once before. Giuseppe Lyon won bronze in the women’s 100m at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Click to read Olympic Football: quarter-finals Update