Most Popular Battle Games . ||COVID-19|| ||Battle Games||

Most Popular Battle Games that You Can play during the Lockdown Situation. Because of the COVID-19 lock down situation we can’t go outside of our home.In this critical situation Online games can be a good way to spend our leisure time.Here is a list of some most popular online games.You can play with your friends and family.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile- Battle Games

People Unknown’s Battle Grounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royal game. It is one of the most popular online battle game all over the world. More than 400 million people played PUBG mobile in the lifetime. It has 50 million daily users.So it maybe a good choice to play PUBG mobile as a way of your leisure time.

Garena Free Fire – Battle Games

Free Fire is a mobile game where players enter into battlefield and there is only one winner the last man standing. More than 450 million people play free fire and over 50 million daily users. Garena ,a digital service company developed this game.

Call of Duty –

Call of Duty is One of the most popular shooter was first focused on games set in World War II. More than 30 million people played Call of Duty online.The most popular publisher Activision published this Game.

Fortnite Battle Royal-

Fortnite Battle Royal is one of the most popular battle game ever. The main theme of the game is 100 players skydive onto an island. And scavenge for gear to defend themselves from other players. Fortnite Battle Royal has more than 73.3 million total users. and 39 million daily users.This game is developed by Epic Games.

League of Legends-

League of Legends is also known as LOL. It is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle games.You battle with your team to fight against the enemy team to destroy towers. Guarding the enemy base,and destroy said base. It has an active players base of over 60 million monthly players. 27 million users play every single day.