Brazil went one step further in its mission to retain a gold medal in Olympic football. The Brazilians lost Mexico in the semi-final and advanced to the final. In the final, Brazil will face the second semi-final winner of Spain and Japan.

I have to say that Brazil survived today. A few days ago, the Brazilians could not win the title by organizing Copa America at home. They lost in the final against arch-rivals Argentina. The Brazilians had a vision for the Olympics. But Brazil’s progress in girls’ football stopped in the last sixteen. The only hope for Brazil in the Olympics is the boys’ football event. Today it was a big shock. Mexico has taken a tough test of Brazil in the semi-final fight.

Richardson Is playing as a spell in 2021 Olympic Football

Brazil was the best team in the field fight. The Richardsons have made one attack after another. But the Mexican defense and 36-year-old experienced goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa did not allow Brazil to score in the allotted 90 minutes or even in the extra 30 minutes. So the Olympic Football Was getting harder for the both teams. Later the match ended in a penalty shootout. Guillermo Ochoa could not stop Brazil there. Brazil won 4-1 and made it to the final. Brazil scored the first four shots. Mexico, on the other hand, failed both of their first three shots. Eduardo’s weak shot was easily blocked by Brazil goalkeeper Santos. Like the rest in the post. As a result, Mexico scored in the third shot, but Brazil scored in the fourth shot to determine the outcome of the match.

Richardson – Brazil Forward

Brazil could have taken the lead in the tenth minute of the match on Tuesday (August 3) at the Kashima Soccer Stadium. Mexico’s experienced goalkeeper Ochea disappointed. He blocked a shot from six yards out of Guillermo Arana. Brazil got a penalty in the 28th minute, but the referee later changed the decision in VAR.

Mexico had a chance to advance before the break. But Uriel Antuna could not use the ball in the gap. In the 85th minute, the footballers of the two teams got involved in a scuffle. The referee came and calmed down the situation. Brazil missed the goal in the 62nd minute.

Richardson’s header from captain Dani Alvez’s cross also bounced off the inside bar. The game was played in extra time as there were no goals in the allotted time. If there is no goal, the match is played in a penalty shootout. The last smile of Brazil.