The group stage of the football event at the Tokyo Olympic Football ended with a match between Argentina and Spain. 6 teams were cut from 16 teams.

This time it is to know which countries have confirmed their tickets for the quarter-finals in the gold-winning mission. Argentina faced strong Spain in Group C on Wednesday. The match was a life-and-death struggle for both teams. In that challenge, Argentina needed a win and a draw for Spain.

Argentina was knocked out of the tournament by a 1-1 draw in the match. Spain has confirmed the knockout stage. Egypt beat Australia in the same group to secure a place in the quarter-finals.

Argentina Eliminated or Will Play quarter Finals?- Tokyo Olympic Football

That means Argentina and Australia have been eliminated from Group C.

On the other hand, Brazil has secured the quarter-final by defeating Saudi Arabia 3-1 on the same day. Ivory Coast reached the quarter-finals behind Brazil in a 1-1 draw with Germany in this group. Saudi Arabia did not see any victory in this group.

That means Germany and Saudi Arabia have been eliminated from Group D.

The host Japan has already confirmed the knockout by becoming the group champion by performing well from this group. Mexico is the second team. In this group, France lost to Japan 4-0. South Africa also left after failing to produce the expected results.

New Zealand won the last eight tickets in Group B. South Korea also survived the fight by playing great.

That means Honduras and Romania have been eliminated from Group B.

Now let’s find out who will face in the quarter-finals Tokyo Olympic Games-

As a rule, Group D champions Brazil will face second-placed Egypt in Group C. Group C champions Spain will face Ivory Coast, second in Group D. Group A champions Japan will face second-placed New Zealand in Group B. Group B champions South Korea will face Mexico, who finished second in the group. The New Zealand U-23 team has taken the last eight places. In the quarterfinals, they will take on Japan, who finished the last eight as Group A champions. Spain has reached the quarterfinals as champions from Group C. Argentina left the group. The last eight Spanish opponents are Ivory Coast.

All the matches of the last eight matches will be played on July 31 (Saturday).

At a glance, who will face whom in the quarter-finals

Spain vs. Ivory Coast
Japan v New Zealand
Brazil vs. Egypt
South Korea vs. Mexico