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We just got another taste of Space Force to help whet our appetite for the Netflix comedy. Whose premiere is now only 9 days away. This morning May 19, Netflix released its second three minute trailer for Space Force. Which stars Steve Carell as the leader of a new U.S. military branch focused on the final frontier. The show, which premieres on May 29, is art imitating life. The real Space Force was officially established in December 2019. The U.S Space Force is a newly proposed military branch that President Donald Trump announced during a meeting of the National Space Council on 18 June’ 2018. If the proposal is enacted, it will become the sixth armed forces branch, joining the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Like the first trailer, which Netflix unveiled two weeks ago. The second one showcases Carell as Gen. Mark R. Naird, the man charged with getting the Space Force off the ground. But this trailer gives us larger doses of John Malkovich. Who plays the branch’s science chief, and our first real look at Ben Schwartz’s character. Space Force head media manager F. Tony Scarapiducci. Trump’s announcement took many by surprise. Especially in the Pentagon. Some saw the sudden proposal as a strategy to compel Congress and the Department of Defense into supporting a military branch focused solely on space. Others saw it as answering the need to address the growing rivalry and presence of China and Russia in space. “It is not merely enough that we have American presence in space,” Trump said during his public proposal. We must have American dominance in space.” Vice President Mike Pence officially unveiled the plans for the United States Space Force a short two months later on Aug. 9, 2018.

What is the Space Force? Why is a Space Force needed?

As much as it sounds like the Space Force will be astronaut soldiers wielding blaster rifles. The reality is much more mundane. Rather than deploying soldiers in space. The Space Force will focus on national security and preserving the satellites and vehicles that are dedicated to international communications and observation. Establish a Space Development Agency: This is an agency tasked with developing and testing new and improved national-security capabilities and technology in space. Establish a Space Operations Force: This force will be a collection of space experts from throughout the military who will provide needed expertise to combat commanders and anyone else throughout the Space Force.Create a U.S. Space Command: Led by a four-star general or flag officer. The new space command would direct and improve operations for space war fighting.


China and Russia are the U.S.’s two greatest space competitors and also potential military threats. And both have demonstrated formidable space capabilities. In 2007, for example, China launched a missile that climbed skyward for 500 miles until. It’s impacted one of the country’s own defunct weather satellites. Which rained down in thousands of pieces. In a similar unnerving event in 2014, a piece of supposed Russian space junk called Object 2014-E28 turned out to be an autonomous robot of sorts that was capable of docking onto satellites. During his August 2018 address, Pence said that China was investing in hypersonic missiles capable of evading U.S. detection. And both Russia and China had integrated anti-satellite attacks as part of their wartime protocols. Given that the U.S. government and military rely heavily on satellites for forecasting weather. Collecting high resolution images for intelligence and directing missiles with GPS satellites, the threat became obvious.


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