UEFA announced the postponed of Champions League due to COVID-19 pandemic. When will the event resume? Is the most common question nowadays. For the lockdown situation in Europe,playing football became a secondary option. So when will the champions league restart? Currently, this question is difficult to answer. But we can give some prediction on when it might be resume.

Currently Champions league has suspended. It might be resume in August 2020.

In a video conference UEFA decided to postpone Euro 2020 to 2021. Assuming the pandemic crisis has subsided, European league will have the opportunity to conclude in the summer.

On April 1, UEFA announced the suspension of the Champions League and Europa League matches, until further notice. UEFA initially said it wanted to complete both the event by June. President Aleksander Ceferin said “The season could be lost if it is not completed by that time”.

UEFA has not fixed the new date of the Champions League 2020, But it may will be return in August. There is only two way of return. Either complete all domestic competitions first before contential tournaments. Or to play both concurrently as is done throughout normal seasons.

What format the tournament will return?

It’s possible to UEFA opts to hold a mini tournament, at least for the semi-finals and final over two weekends. But the field has to winnowed down to four before UEFA could hold such a tournament.

The 2020-21 Champions League was scheduled to start its preliminary qualifying process on June 23.At this rate, It’s unlikely the 2020 edition will have a champion by that point. UEFA has invited representatives of its 55 member associations, together with the boards of the European Club. Association and the European Leagues and a representative of FIFPro, to a videoconference meeting on Tuesday 17 March.