Summary :

‘Virus Shark’ is a Sci-fi horror movie that spins around a shark bite that gives rise to a universal disease. The shark bite blowouts the deadly virus all around the universe, throwing the world into a craze. The principle of the film is set bottom to the ocean. A team of scientists is working deep under the sea when the lab operators get affected by an rare virus. The sinking investigation facility is bounded by sharks. It also has a test pool inside, also decaying with sharks. Now the scientists must be fast to deal with the problem. Time is short and they must work fast on finding the cure to the virus. Such a race against the time while also being trapped by invisible death from all sides.

There are large opportunity to get inflamed with the virus. At the identical time the sharks out of doors additionally are lurking for a few meat to ceremonial dinner on. The Scientists ought to outpace time as they face the two-sided chance of sharks and the shark virus. The film is directed with the aid of using Mark Polonia who has additionally edited the film. He’s recognised for Return to Splatter Farm; Bride of the Werewolf; Ghost of Camp Blood; Bigfoot vs. Zombies; Feeders; etc. Aaron Drake has captured the state of affairs for the film. Ron Bonk of the House Shark has produced the film. Virus Shark is construct primarily based totally on the continuing actual global pandemic and Sharks. A blend of the Covid-19 virus with a shark attack. The virus withinside the film truely creates from a shark bite.Would Wan‘Virus Shark’ cast?’

Virus Shark Cast

The film cast including Jamie Morgan-famous for Halloween and Horror Tales. It also stars Steve Diasparra, famous for Frozen Sasquatch; Queen Crab; and The Dark Sleep. There’s also Natalie Himmelberger, Ken Van Sant, known for Amityville Exorcism; Sharkenstein Titus Himmelberger and Sarah Duterte (Deadly Playthings) are also in the film. Additionally, Noyes Lawton, Yolie Canales, Todd Carpenter, and James Carolus (Scarecrow County; Outpost Earth; Land Shark) are also starring. Finally, Danielle Donahue, known for Phobic; Survival Knife; Jurassic Prey, also stars in the movie. Read about the brand new movie

Release date :

Director : Mark Polonia

Release Date : 13th April 2021