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After several delays and a few fights in Florida. Woodley vs. Burns is an interesting matchup. The UFC is returning to Las Vegas. The next UFC Fight Night will go live on May 30 with a headliner featuring former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and the Six ranked welterweight Gilbert Burns. Both fighters have similar records at 19-4-1 and 18-3 respectively. Woodley weighs about 15 pounds more and has a longer reach and leg reac. But we’ll see how the smaller fighting space impacts his ability to keep Burns at a distance. Woodley hasn’t won by KO since he first won his championship title back in 2016. And Burns is looking to increase his 5-win streak after a definitive TKO against Demian Maia. The fight will take place at UFC Apex, a brand-new production facility dedicated to all things UFC. Not only is this notable for being the first fight to take place at Apex, it’s also important because the fight will feature a smaller 25-foot Octagon instead of the regular 30-foot space for fighters. The idea here is to have more fights that end in finishes instead of decisions. It will definitely keep the fighters closer together, and hopefully that means more action. Woodley vs.
Like most of the recent fights, however, this one will not have a live audience because of the current global pandemic. So if you want to watch it, live or otherwise, you’re going to have to tune in on your personal electronics. We’ve got the break down of all the different ways you can see this fight right here.


UFC Fight Night: When & where

UFC on ESPN 9 takes place at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it starts at 6 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, May 30. The main event starts around 9 p.m. Much like the previous three fights that took place in Jacksonville, Fla., the event will be closed to the public and only watchable remotely.

How to watch UFC Fight Night Woodley vs. Burns in the U.S.

Like most recent fights, ESPN+ is one of the best places to watch UFC Fight Night. The ESPN+ app is just really easy to use and simple enough to subscribe to without going broke. All you need is a subscription to ESPN+ in order to watch it, and that also gives you access to dozens of previous fights not to mention plenty of other content. The scheduled main event features a welterweight showdown between ex-champ Tyron Woodley and rising contender Gilbert Burns.

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